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There are many reasons why people end up in debt. We have gathered together what we feel is the best information, Guidance, and Resources available to help consumers avoid Bankruptcy, gain control of their finances, and live within their means.

This Web Site is offered as a Free Service to the Internet Community. We accept no donations and we are paid by merchants who advertise on our Web Sites, when consumers enter and shop in our Internet Store "
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Locate a non-profit credit counseling office near you. (NFCC) is a network of over 1450 non-profit agencies that provide Money Management Education, Confidential Budgeting, Credit & Debt Counseling, and Debt Repayment Plans for Both Individuals and Families.

Because NFCC receives support from a wide-rage of organizations, such as Banks, Consumer Finance Companies, and Credit Unions, NFCC can provide its service at no cost in many communities and for a reasonable fee in other areas.

Counseling, Debt Management Plans, How Credit Works, and How To Budget Education, Small Group Seminars on Buying a home and how to pay for it.

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CCCS, is a non-profit organization that provides budget counseling, education programs, debt management assistance, and housing counseling. Their mission is to help

Consumer Credit Counseling Service



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